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Isaías Blanco a.k.a Sessfy
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Web Developer

In 2012, my passion for the Web Desing elevated my SEO performance during my studies in Barcelona. Still, in 2014, I discovered how a well-developed platform is a key to digital success. A decade of continuous learning and adopting new skills to develop faster and light webs able to produce tons of sales, connect with the target audience and describe the differential features of the brand.

More than developing websites, I create handcrafted products loaded with the latest benchmarks, Google recommendations and the necessary structure to engage clients and turn brands into sales machines doing Search Engine Optimization.

My creations in the United States have sold more than 2 million dollars since 2020 during Covid.


Years Experience


Worldwide Clients


US dollars sold by the SEO channel since 2020


Projects completed

SEO + Web Development Services

SEO Sales

Since 2008 I am ranking brands, products and services in the top of Google.

Web Development

Give me an concept and I will turn it into a scalable website able to drive tons of sells.

Project Management

I bring support to international marketing agencies to speed up their SEO engines

Web Analytics

Experience allows me to detect the key insigths to turn any web into a sale machine

eCommerce Logistics

Launching a profitable eCommerce evolves a serie of actions, processes and tactics

SEO developing Training

Since 2012 I have been trained more than 5000 professionals around the World

Clients Portfolio 2022

Sessfy - Isaías Blanco SEO Specialist

City Balloons

Houston, United States
Sessfy - Isaías Blanco SEO Specialist

Festi USA

Houston, United States
Sessfy - Isaías Blanco SEO Specialist

Balloons Boutique SA, San Antonio

San Antonio TX, United States
Sessfy - Isaías Blanco SEO Specialist

Sushi Yakuza, Madrid

Madrid, Spain
Sessfy - Isaías Blanco SEO Specialist

Basics by Goiko, Madrid

Madrid, Spain
Sessfy - Isaías Blanco SEO Specialist

Imedia Communicación

Albacete, Spain

SEO Sales Numbers 2021-2022

During covid, I enhanced my SEO Branding and Search Engine Sales techniques to produce more than a million dollars in organic sales with efficient e-commerce--which I developed focused on solving troubles quickly.

Sessfy Isaías Elías Blanco

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Sessfy Podcast - Season 1
"From SEO to Search Engine Sales, Entrepreneurship, Web Development, Front Ending, Code Learning and Business Development".
October 2022 Sessfy Podcast - Season 1 "From SEO to Search Engine Sales, Entrepreneurship, Web Development, Front Ending, Code Learning and Business Development".

SEO and Web Development FAQ

Creating brand recognition in Google emanates from a correct positioning in relevant keywords after an accurate SEO on-page optimization based on potential clients’ hot trends.

Connecting a brand to the potential customer is the final goal of each SEO strategy, but achieving this porpoise depends on the brand’s core concept and how it solves challenges in a short time -or even the faster/more accessible way.

Therefore, to increase the impact and brand’s ranking through Google -the main objective of brands with purpose- is relevant to optimize a Search Marketing campaign that highlights the competitive advantages and differentiating elements in a well-segmented geographic context.

Additionally, the confidence of a famous brand on Google results from its anatomy, organizational values, key message indexed, differentiating elements well developed and references from satisfied customers.

A secured promotion of each competitive advantage of the product adopts critical insights obtained in the keyword research to assign the indispensable relevance to all terms, phrases and expressions reflected by the potential customer.

An optimal SEO optimization goes beyond on-page meta-tags development or introduces keywords in the copies. It is more related to connecting the product-service brand proposal with the potential clients’ missing functions.

In a globalized world, the interactive dynamics of digital marketing professionals, advertising agencies and social media laboratories reiterate: It is important that you appear on Google, you must appear in the keywords your audience is looking to sell and You have to be first in Google, Bing and Yahoo to upload your clients.

But none of the specialists stops to analyze the anatomy of the brand, understand its organizational values, study the message that the company transmits, and visualize the brand positioning that the organization illustrates to its potential consumers.

Even though so many specialists share the overscore related to keyword research, inbound links and web architecture, several benchmarks in Silicon Valley are revealing how to turn each organic visitor into a potential sale – each time they click on target content centered on users.

This is the reason why commercial brands focused their SEO campaign on custom user groups to lead a market. Appear on top of Google’s results is just the 1/4 part of the selling process, even more, profitable revenue -in terms of traffic and sales- will come when the content explains how to solve the trouble in specific situations.

It is worth considering that each new brand interested in drive traffic from Google and introduce itself as an innovative player must show each showcase and successful history to a specific segment of buyers.

In this case, keyword research a link pyramid is fundamental to build a solid online reputation -content marketing is not enough to combat this situation in Google. All efforts must be directed on understanding the anatomy of the brand to design an SEO Branding plan that elevates differential values, is the leading missing function in the market and is solving troubles in an easy way.

Covering and understanding how the potential customer will connect with the brand, product or service through Google is the primary key to anticipate the most accurate client acquisition formula.

Likewise, placing the correct type of metrics will emphasize the value of the strategy in terms of practical performance -in target locations.

  • 1. Conversion Rate -Even being a custom metric, it explains the number of sales coming from Google visitors. Also, if the strategy offers a free sample, the conversion rate shows the number of upgrade users.
  • 2. Sales per Client -The average number of sales made by a client after checkout.
  • 3. Customer lifetime value -Estimate the net profit provided by the future relationship with a shopper
  • 4. Customer Retention rate -Represents the percentage of customers maintained by a company during a fiscal year.
  • 5. Recommendation rate -Displays the satisfaction level of the customer and the probabilities to share brand, products or service with family and friends.
  • 6. Channel adoption -Illustrates the effectiveness and sales impact of a particular channel, in this case, Google, including all organic visitors landing in the campaign portal or blog

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